Front Row Stout


Front Row Stout
Extract Kit : (Dry Irish Stout)

Brewed: 1/29/2011

Originial Gravity (OG) after boil: 1.053 (adjusted 1.050 for temp of 85 degrees at reading)

Final Gravity (OG): 1.011

Original Gravity – Final Gravity = result * 131 = % ABV

1.053 – 1.011 = 0.042 * 131 = 5.502%

So, that puts my Dry Irish Stout at 5.51% ABV (Alcohol By Volume)

IBU: 55.6

Brewed: 1/29/2011
Racked: 2/06/2011
Bottled: 2/12/2011
Ready: 2/26/2011

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One Response to Front Row Stout

  1. Profile photo of Ben Ben says:

    Got my first opinion from one of my friends today… Excellent!… was the verdict! He had already had a few via our trip to Devils Backbone Brewing Company… so his opinion may need to be revisited at a later date :)

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