Beer Cellar


Thinking about getting a freezer and a digital temperature control to use as a beer cellar for my garage… Any Suggestions?

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  1. Mason LeGrue says:

    Works like a charm! I used the Johnson Controls Analog unit and a 7 cu ft chest freezer (Holiday brand from Lowes). Be sure to put a separate thermometer in there so you can double check the actual temp. Works great for lagering beer in 2 carboys at temp, too!

  2. Ben says:

    Great! Thanks! I was looking at those the other week at Lowes… I had wondered if I would need a larger size to fit two carboys when I started to make lagers… Thanks for answering that question as well!

  3. Ben says:

    Went with a:
    Frigidaire – 7.2 Cu. Ft from Best Buy and the A419 digital temperature controller… I found it available on amazon as it seemed Norther Brewer was out of the digital models.

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