Bourbon Barrel Porter? or Spiced Rum Porter?


Bourbon Barrel Porter? or Spiced Rum Porter?

The correct answer to this question is… Both! Since I make 10gallon batches… one carboy will get the bourbon treatment… and the other rum…

The Porter will be from the same 10 gallon Porter I will soon be brewing up.

The variables/contestants in this experiment will most likely be Maker’s Mark Virginia Gentleman and Sailor Jerry.

Who will be victorious ?!?!

*** My Local Brewers store only has one pack of Scottish Ale yeast… So I got a package of European Ale yeast to try on one of the beers. I am going to make a starter for this beer and realized I only have one 2000 ml glass flask… so I’m going to mix the two yeast strains in the starter.

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3 Responses to Bourbon Barrel Porter? or Spiced Rum Porter?

  1. Ben says:

    I chose to switch out the Maker’s Mark with Virginia Gentleman to match up with my rugby team and theme of my beers/blog.

  2. Mark Mullins Sr says:

    I know this post looked to be a few years old But I just bottled a Spiced-Rum-Porter Using a clone recipe for Great Lakes Edmuond Fitzgerald And Lady Bligh spiced rum……… seemed to blend well together bt I,m waiting on it to carbonate…..Did have any luck with yours?

    • Ben says:

      Sorry, I know this was like 7 months ago… The Bourbon Barrel Porter turned out great… My spiced rum version (only difference being the rum instead of bourbon) was really sweet… I couldn’t really stand to drink more than an 8oz pour of it. But that’s preference… I’m sure there is someone somewhere that would have loved it. How did yours turn out?

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