My Equipment list


I got a few things a little larger than need for a beginner or not needed for extract brewing (false bottom) so I’ll be ready to try my hand at extract brewing when the time comes.  I brewed a Dry Irish Stout this past weekend and very excited to see the results in several weeks.

My Setup:

Deluxe Beer Starter Kit

Standard Chiller 3/8″x25′ with vinyl tubing

21″ Stainless Steel Spoon

Low Profile Banjo Burner (burner and stand)

BoilerMaker 15 Gallon Brew Kettle

False Bottom for 15 Gal BoilerMaker

Male Stainless 1/2″ NPT x 1/2″ Barb

Found out there was a place close to my office so I started picking up some supplies there as well… bottles, 1/2″ tubing … etc.  Also using an old keg in the garage as a platform to sit things on.. my kettle actually props up there perfect.

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