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All-Grain Brewing

share   Finally got another 15 gallon brew kettle and equipment to to all-grain batches! Got a March pump too! Everything came together on the same day! Thanks Northern Brewer!

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Beer Cellar

share   Thinking about getting a freezer and a digital temperature control to use as a beer cellar for my garage… Any Suggestions?

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My Equipment list

share   I got a few things a little larger than need for a beginner or not needed for extract brewing (false bottom) so I’ll be ready to try my hand at extract brewing when the time comes.  I brewed … Continue reading

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share   I had an unused laptop lying around the house and I decided to make it my brewputer… keep track of recipes and such… I have the free linux operating system Ubuntu loaded onto it… I found a free … Continue reading

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Equipment ordered

share   I ordered most of the equipment I will need to get started this week from Northern Brewer. I will post an inventory of everything I ordered and why I chose Northern Brewer and the various products. Update: I … Continue reading

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